CANADA | 70 minutes | 2017

The prolific Canadian filmmaker’s analytical, experimental and highly personal take on a collection of short films made by the Red Cross. Revisiting and reworking found footage from around the world, Hoolboom opens a whole new dialogue with the archival images originally filmed by the international organization. The Canadian filmmaker uses his avant-garde, experimental and personal approach to take viewers on a journey through time over the course of five chapters marked by differing formal approaches.



Thursday October 5, 2017

Program #12
Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin

Thursday October 12, 2017

Program #228
Cinémathèque - Salle Fernand-Seguin

Mike Hoolboom

Born: Korean War, the pill, hydrogen bomb. 1980s: Film emulsion fetish and diary salvos. Schooling at the Funnel: collective avant-geek cine utopia. 1990s: experimentalist features, transgressive psychodramas, questions of nationalism. 2000s: Seroconversion cyborg (life after death), film-to-video transcode: feature-length-found-footage bios. Fringe media archaeologist: copyleft author 7 books, co/editor 12 books. Curator: 30 programs + Occasional employments: artistic director Images Fest, fringe distribution Canadian Filmmakers. 80 film/vids, most redacted. 10 features. 70 awards,

Film/video (selected)
1980 Song for Mixed Choir (8 minutes)
1981 Now, Yours (10 minutes)
1986 White Museum (32 minutes)
1991 Indusium (11 minutes)
1992 Mexico (with Steve Sanguedolce) (35 minutes)
1993 Escape in Canada (9 minutes); Frank's Cock (8 minutes)
1995 House of Pain (50 minutes)
1996 Letters From Home (15 minutes)
1998 Panic Bodies (70 minutes)
2002 Tom (50 minutes)
2003 Imitations of Life (70 minutes); In the Dark (8 minutes)
2004 Public Lighting (76 minutes)
2006 Fascination (70 minutes)
2009 Mark (70 minutes)
2012 Lacan Palestine (70 minutes)
2013 Buffalo Death Mask (23 minutes)
2015 Scrapbook (18 minutes)
2016 Incident Reports (70 minutes); We Make Couples (60 minutes)

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Mike Hoolboom


  • Mike Hoolboom, Vidéographe

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