Selly Raby Kane

O.V. Uzbek | st English


A little girl is chosen to discover the hidden face of Dakar, a 360o hommage to Senegalese Mythology. Embark in her fantastic universe and discover the hidden face of the Senegalese capital. A remarkable world premiere in Tribeca, The Other Dakar is created by the multidisciplinary artist Selly Raby Kane (Beyoncé’s stylist among other things).

SENEGAL | 8 minutes | 2017

Momoko Seto

O.V. - Without dialogue


You’ll never look at animals and plants the same way! An extraordi- nary and humbling immersive and organic experience. In a world in ruins, only fungi and mould grow, inside gigantic dried insects car- casses. The climate changes: rain irrigates the arid planet and floods it gradually. In the water an ecosystem springs up, populated by giant carnivorous tadpoles. From the arid to the aquatic, Planet ? is an incredible experience, multi-spatial and timeless.

FRANCE | 8 minutes | 2017

Heewon Lee

O.V. Korean | st French

The rain creates an ambiguity, a blur between the physical and mental limits of the viewer and the protagonist, as they belong to different times, cultures and a forgotten — but yet not extinguished — life condition. An encounter with a Korean girl in an Asian landscape, whose apparent magic cannot make us forget the tragedy of the situation. The young girl is a victim of sexual exploitation during the Japanese occu- pation during WWII, and her life is progressively revealed with the spec-...

FRANCE, South Korea | 7 minutes | 2017

Serge Bordeleau

O.V. French | st French and english


Can we still live together? Abitibi360 explores ties of identity and culture in the Abitibi region. When settlers came to clear the harsh boreal forest to farm the soil beneath, migrants from Europe and elsewhere in Quebec came in successive waves, following the newly built roads, towns and industries. Meanwhile, the Indigenous people saw their ancestral lands and traditional ways change forever. Now everyone rightfully claim their place on the land…

CANADA | 25 minutes | 2017

Alexandre Perez

O.V. French


Turn off lights and immerse yourself in Leo’s world! It’s Leo’s bedtime. When his mum goes to switch off the light, the little boy thinks there’s something under his bed. Sergent James, a virtual reality film by Alexandre Perez, has previously premiered at Tribeca and the Locarno International Film Festival.

FRANCE | 7 minutes | 2017

Zohar Kfir

O.V. English


Testimony is an interactive VR documentary that shares the stories of five survivors of sexual assault and their journey to healing. More than just a film, Testimony is an advocacy platform to allow the public to bear witness to those who have been silenced. Despite persistent victim-shaming and the discounting of their experiences, survivors are increasingly coming forward, empowering one another. Testi- mony is an interactive investigation that aims to tackle the...

UNITED STATES, Canada, Israel | 40 minutes | 2017

Leanne Allison, Jeremy Mendes

O.V. English

Travel to Canada’s Banff National Park, and into the life of Bear 71. Originally launched in 2012, Bear 71 VR is an acclaimed interactive multi-user online experience told from the point of view of an omnis- cient female grizzly bear dubbed Bear 71 by the park rangers who track her. Created in collaboration with Google’s Chrome and VR teams, IDFA DocLab and Sound and Vision, Bear 71 VR is available in WebVR and can also be viewed as a 2D interactive experience.

CANADA | 20 minutes | 2017

Benjamin NUEL

O.V. French

Far, far away in the future, Earth has become an unfriendly place. Humanity has left the planet and colonized other solar systems. Access to Earth is now strictly regulated. The viewer embodies Jean Jones, a mercenary who illegally heads towards Earth in order to explore a mysterious archeological spot, guided by a scientist and a female priest. The goal of their quest — their Holy Grail — is to find the grave of Luke, the prophet of the prevailing religion in the galaxy.

FRANCE | 13 minutes | 2017

Myriam Coulombe, Mathieu Barrette

O.V. French | st English


Things mature with winter, but the thaw makes them real again. At the border of three levels of reality, you are the last-minute guest, the intru- der, the relief actor who, now in character, must take action in the story. You are the history, you are the invisible witness, you will be there, here, now or elsewhere, you will feel the crowd without seeing it.

CANADA | 9 minutes | 2017

André Roy

O.V. French | st French and english

A gym teacher aspires to make sports accessible to two sisters who have muscular dystrophy. In a surprising twist, students without disabilities soon ask for wheelchairs to play basketball with them. What emerges is a movement of reverse inclusion that expands to an entire community, where the majority adapts to the minority.

CANADA | 6 minutes | 2017

Theodore Ushev

O.V. French

Vaysha is not like other girls: her left eye sees only the past, and her right eye only the future. Blinded by what was and tormented by what will be, she is incapable of living in the present. “Blind Vaysha”: that’s what everyone calls her. In the new VR version of this philosophical and visually stunning short film, auteur animator Theodore Ushev makes compelling use of an immersive technology.

CANADA | 9 minutes | 2017

Peter Pontikis

O.V. - Without dialogue

It's getting dark, the deer is bleeding, the hunters are closing in all around: OH DEER!
A stereoscopic Virtual Reality-film and art installation in one piece, where the spectator takes the point of view of a wounded deer during a deer hunt.

SWEDEN | 4 minutes | 2017

Paul Raphaël, Félix Lajeunesse

O.V. English

A Japanese toy robot — inhabited by you, the viewer — is given to a young boy on his birthday. The comedy takes place in 1982 suburban America. In this intimate, hilarious and endearing interactive story, you experience love and then eventual rejection as a young boy’s family life crumbles around him over the course of a year.

CANADA, United States | 38 minutes | 2017

Mario G. Sáez & Ángeles Angulo Erre que erre Danza

O.V. - Without dialogue

An interactive journey through the inner worlds of five unique charac- ters. The Waiting Room is peopled by Woman Nature, instinctive, wild and feminine; Sunset Laboral, a woman who interacts with a group of men in a manner that’s innocent, aggressive and provocative all at once; Hooger Laundry, an obsessive character; Love Kitchen, the invasion of space by bodies, sensuality and physical contact; and Le Trompettiste, a musical me?nage a? trois between two women and a trumpeter.

SPAIN | 30 minutes | 2016


Sunday October 15, 2017

Grande Place au Complexe Desjardins
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